Thursday, August 19, 2010

Speed Work and the Running Journey?

So, on my drive into the office this morning, it dawned on me that for the next few weeks/months, I should rename my home on the interweb My Running Journey.  You see, I made a promise that, post Ironman Lake Placid, I would take some time off from serious triathlon training and spend more time at home.  That promise doesn't prevent me from training totally, I just won't be spending hours in the saddle or in the pool.

But, I had already committed to running the ING Hartford Half Marathon with my running buddy in October.  It will be his first half and I signed on to pace him to a solid first-time half finish.  (Shhh...we're also thinking of a guys weekend in December to do the Rock-n-Roll Half in Las Vegas). 

All of this leads me to my first round of speedwork since my hard taper before IMLP.  I set out to just get it done - see how it feels to run fast - without really a planned workout.  I did a mile warm up, a few pick-ups and then got down to business.  This is what I had "planned" (we're triathletes, even without a plan there is a plan): at least 12 X 400 on at least 1:50 (7:20/mile pace).

I did 13 X 400 on an average 1:47 (7:08/mile pace).  Not too bad for my first time back at it.  I was inspired somewhat by the other 3-4 multisport athletes out doing speedwork.  I love it when I'm not the only one alternating directions on the track - makes me stand out less.

I will get back to my 1:35 400s, I know it.  It will just take me some time.  I still feel like my recovery from stronger efforts is taking me longer than it used to.  For those Ironman vets out there, have any tips on what I can do to speed up my recovery time?  I probably should go to see Michele at Florence Yoga.

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