Monday, August 30, 2010

Honoring a Promise

As multisport athletes, the time we spend out of the house can never be recovered.  While I can't justly say that it is "lost" time, because we are out there working toward significant goals, healthier lifestyles, etc., I can say that when you're in a one athlete house, certain sacrifices are made. 

When we're out on that ride, run, swim, any combination of the two, we oftentimes leave our significant others behind to shoulder the burden of dinners/lunches, finances, cleaning.  While we do our best to do our share...and I know that we all do, it isn't always "good enough."

Where am I going with this?

You see, I trained and competed in Ironman Lake Placid this year, you all know this by now.  That was a huge committment on my end and many sacrifices had to be made.  One of those was spending time at home, just being with my wife and helping out around the house.

So, during the early stages of training, I went to my wife and made a promise (previously referenced).  I said, "you help me get through this, try your best not to harp on my not being around when you need me and be the best danged cheerleader you can be and I promise that when it is over, I will take some time off to be with you and help you accomplish your goals.  Which is why, to start honoring that promise, I took a few days off from work and made it a long, four-day weekend - just me and my wife at home. 

Great!  Sounds amazing, right?  Yes!  It was the best four days of doing nothing and everything all at the same time.  No, we didn't go away.  We didn't lounge by a pool or a lake or the shore.  We stayed home and tried to dig out from the last few months of insanity.  We cleaned, we organized and we enjoyed.  We even ate ice cream...whenever we wanted (which was a few times a day!).

We even made time to run.  Which leads me to this brag...the wife has decided to do the Hartford Half Marathon in October!  Woo hoo!  I'm stoked.  She has been working hard at running/jogging/walking over the past few weeks and Saturday, she did seven miles!  I was very impressed.  I can't wait to see her face when she crosses that finish line.

As for me, I met up with my running buddy on Saturday and we grinded out a ten miler.  The weather was great and we had a nice run. 

And finally...I just got in the Timex Global Trainer...hopefully it will be up and running soon!  More to come...


  1. Way to honor your promise - she is going to be rocking across that finish line like a champ!! Sounds like a great long weekend. I love the idea of eating ice cream 2-3 times a day!!!

  2. So cool that she signed up for the race - your turn to be the supporter and cheerleader!

  3. what a smart promise to make! I will be following your lead in another 3 weeks and doing the same! Our insanity can not happen without our other amazing half! congrats!

  4. would she like to share with us her experience? that would be great, we have a section call my first marathon! on, a website for runners base here in western mass!