Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Eggs

I opened my Google Reader this morning to find an article about a massive egg recall.  Read:

Sparked by the fact that hundreds of consumers had become sickened from eating suspect eggs, the CDC recalled more than 200 million eggs thought to be contaminated with salmonella poisoning.

As an athlete and someone that believes that protein is a HUGE component to a healthy diet, and because I think they are an amazing food (omelettes, anyone?), I eat a lot of eggs and find this news disconcerting.  In reading up on the recall, not only am I not in an affected area, I don't buy mass produced eggs.  I feel pretty safe.

I am thankful for my co-op, River Valley Market, and for the locally farmed eggs that they sell.  The eggs I get taste better (okay, maybe it is pyschosomatic), are said to be healthier and support local agriculture.  Are they "cleaner" and free from risk of contamination?  Maybe not.  Does eating them make me feel better?  Absolutely.

So, as I continue my training and bring back my post-workout egg and cheese on toast, I will, for sure, be cracking local, organically raised, free range chicken eggs.

Think about it.

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  1. My wife buys organic eggs, I usually eat them a couple of times a week. I'm not always happy to spend the extra cash for organic, but with 4 in the house under 10 years old, I'm thankful today.

  2. Love my eggs :) ...I do tend to buy mass produced eggs...but, I try not to get too panicking about this type of news.

  3. anything organic or local I have eaten is always better. this will serve as my change to eggs as well! thank you

  4. Gotta support locally, gotta go organic if you can. Though local and/or organic farming doesn't doesn't grant automatic immunity from issues like this, I gotta think there is a little more passion in their output as opposed to Mega-Agricorp, Inc.