Monday, August 16, 2010

Reckless Abandon - The Launch

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Triathletes,

Welcome to Reckless Abandon - My Multisport Journey.  What is to follow, hopefully, will be some observations and thoughts about my experiences - in life, in sport, at work - anything and everything may be fair game. 

This is an opportunity for me to chronicle my life from the jolly fat guy to the somewhat fit triathlete.  I have come a long way, I know.  I know, too, that I still have a long way yet to go.  As I work to get to where I'm going, I hope to share my views on my training, my gear, the people that I encounter, etc.  I am open to suggested topics, too.

My journey would never have been possible without the love and support of my beautiful wife, Always Becoming, my friend and coach, Martha at Dynamic Training, and all of the countless articles and blog posts that I have read over the years (far too many to link to here).  I do have to give credit to Kovas at Midwest Multisport Life for encouraging me to share my story and my thoughts. 

Thanks, in advance, for your support and for reading.  Maybe we can have fun with this thing!

Race on,


  1. Great start Jeffrey! Looking forward to following your continuing journey.

  2. Always love to read your thoughts - off to a great start! I'd also like to add that I consider you a "jolly, great guy" regardless of your athletic adventures. Thanks for allowing me to tag along to events - where will we go next?

  3. You've already come a long way Jeff! Very inspiring.

  4. Another member of the former fat guys club. Keep bloggin dudde!