Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gone to Carolina...

Shooter Jennings sings, 
Every time I think I smell that sweet southern rain
It takes me to a station on the long black train
I wanna hear the wind blow and feel the earth move below me
Despite of all the good times, I gotta rest my soul
So I'm gone, yes, I'm gone
Gone to Carolina, where I know that I belong...
Alright, I think it is time. Time for me to get back at it, to check in and start chronicling my journey again. Not that I've been missed, but if anyone was curious as to where I've been, I have relocated to Raleigh, NC. Little did I know that Mr. Jennings would be so accurate.  I've not yet been here for two months and we've already felt the earth move below us thanks to the quake that was centered in VA and, well, the wind did blow thanks to Ms. Irene.

I am still running - training for the NYC Marathon. The training is going well, but the with the move and all, I am still trying to find a good group to keep me company on my longer weekend runs. I hope to get back to triathlon, too. I've been looking a few 2012 races that I may want to target.

Stay tuned here for more. I hope to be more active here and I look forward to resuming our conversations.  You excited?

Be well,