Tuesday, November 23, 2010

R.I.C.E - How do you elevate a glute?

I've been doing so well lately.  Setting a half-mary PR on the 14th, maintaing my miles during the week, alternating between speed/tempo work and recovery runs - I've been doing all that I can to stay healthy.

Which is why I'm totally bummed out.  On Sunday's long run - goal was 16 miles with the last three at sub-8:15, nothing too extreme - I came up lame at mile 11.5.  Up until that point, I was having no problems at all.  No tightness, soreness - nothing.  Everything was good.  We were maintaining a pretty consistent 8:30/mile pace and really enjoying being outside.  And then...BAM.  Just like that.  I felt like I had been shot in the butt.  My left glute seized up and I felt like I couldn't take another step.

What had I done?  What had I not done properly to see that this wouldn't happen?  My emotional response was very unsettling, too.  I can counsel/coach others through injury and lay-offs, but, I couldn't wipe the disappointment and frustration from my face. 

After getting home and talking it out, I began to feel a little better.  I knew that I had to R.I.C.E.  But, I had/have no idea how to elevate a glute.  If anyone has some insight, I'd love to know.  In addition, I've taken to some serious stretching and foam rolling.  I've also been working hard at the Pigeon Pose.  This, like the foam roller, doesn't feel great while you're doing it, but, I swear, the feeling when you're back on your feet is total relief.

So, I'm taking a few days off.  I'm on a stretch/foam roll/pseudo yoga prescription until at least Thanksgiving morning.  I know that missing accruing some mileage my ever so slightly hinder my performance, it is nothing compared to what trying to run through an injury will do.

Wish me luck!  Also, if you have any pointers on how to remedy this strain, let me know.  And yes, I expect all the "pain in the ass" comments that you all will bring...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Another PR - Monson Memorial Half Marathon

Sunday was another great running day in New England.  My buddy and I drove out to Monson, Mass., home of the Monson Memorial Classic.  The 15th running of this event saw 375 people show up for the day's races - 292 for the half marathon and 83 for the 5k.

The course was remarkably tough, with more than 2,200 feet of elevation gain - all within the first 7 miles.  We did well, though, both able to set half marathon PRs.  I did 1:45:59.  A check of my splits according to my Timex Global Trainer - yeah, I did mile 13 at 6:52 pace.

I am glad that this race fit into our ING Miami Marathon training schedule, but more importantly, I'm glad that we were able to help generate some funds for a few charities.  While this was my first running of this race, the Monson Memorial Classic road race was first run in 1996, shortly after the deaths of Kelly Waldron and Kathy Waldron Perry. These sisters died eight months apart from different types of cancer. Kathy suffered with melanoma, and Kelly had breast, bone, and liver cancer.  This race is in their memory.  This year, the race organizers decided to give the proceeds to The SHADE Foundation of America and to Griffin's Friends.

Setting PRs...cool.  Helping raise money for worthy causes...Super Cool!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Repost - Justice Derailed

From Everymantri.com:  Justice derailed?: Wealthy money manager gets wrist slapped after almost killing cyclist

Please read this article. I know it is difficult to affect change in jurisdictricts you don't reside, but the more people that know about this, the better the chance that things may change.

I want to say that I can't believe that this is actually what is happening...the reality is, though, that it is and it continues to happen across the country. 

Wear your RoadID.  Tell your family/friends where you're going.  And...be safe out there.

Eating Right...

I don't think that I've ever addressed this in words - just in my subhead - but I really do strive, most of the time, to eat right.  This weekend was a mixed bag, but dinner last night was amazing. 
After finishing up a recovery run that was faster than it should have been, I hit up Whole Foods to do the weekly food shopping.  I know, we are members of a great co-op not two miles from the house, River Valley Market, but I was literally right in front of Whole Foods and they have more of the specific stuff we need.
Anyway, I picked up some wild-caught sockeye salmon - it looked amazing, expensive, but amazing - to go with the locally-grown, organic acorn squash and brussel sprouts that I bought at the Northampton Farmers Market.
I sliced the squash in half, coated it with a little coconut oil and placed them cut side down in a pan with water about an eighth of an inch deep.  They baked at 400 degrees for 40 minutes.  After that got started, I cut the ends off of the sprouts, threw em in a bowl, coated them with sea salt, pepper, a little garlic salt and some olive oil.  Shook them up real good and put them on a pan.  Slid the sprout in with the squash - for 30 minutes. 
While the sides were cooking, I heated my grill pan, seasoned the salmon and grilled them, skin side down for about 15 minutes.
When it was all said and done, we had a great, super healthy dinner - and clean up was a breeze.  I did, however, make the squash a little less healthy by mashing it with butter and cinnamon and sugar, but hey, what are you going to do...
Maybe I should start a recipes/menu page.  We do some interesting meals...would anyone be interested in that?  I mean, where else would you find out about cinnamon pear maple millet (an AWESOME hot breakfast)?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ramping Up The Mileage - I'm Gonna Run Famous

It's official, I'm racing ING Miami Marathon on January 30, 2011.  I've talked about it before, but only in the sense that I might be doing it.  Well, I booked the travel, the hotel and paid the entry fee last week.  I spent the end of last week pulling together the training plan - it looks brutal. 

I write my plans Monday through Sunday.  So, with the plan officially starting on Nov. 1 (Monday) - I started my training plan with a rest day!  How cool is that?  However, that was short lived.  By Sunday, I will have logged 41 miles.  I know that that seems like a lot to jump on the first week, but I was already up around 30-35 miles in my weekly mileage because I thought that Miami might happen.

Just to see where I was, though, I went out on Halloween mid-morning to stretch the legs.  The first few miles were brutal - I was cold and it took me a while to warm up.  However, the miles started clicking off faster with each one.  Check out these splits.  This was a great way to start my marathon training.  I'm totally going to do this.  I will not let what happened to me at the ING Hartford Marathon in 2008 happen again. 

Sunday's Run Splits:
1 – 8:24
2 – 8:12
3 – 8:06
4 – 7:54
5 – 7:54
6 – 7:36
7 – 7:24
8 – 7:24
9 – 7:30
10 – 7:14
Average pace – 7:46 min/mi.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting for Superman

Getting a little off topic here, but since all aspects of life are part of the multisport journey, I felt the need to share.  We went to see "Waiting for Superman" this weekend.  The documentary is an exploration of the current state of public education in the U.S. and how it is affecting our nation's children.  To say I was moved is an understatement.

As a product of the American public education system and a staunch supporter of public schools and public school teachers, this film was a real eye opener for me.  I thought we were doing okay.  I know that the education gap is growing, but I didn't realize to what extreme.  The statistics highlighted on the quality of public education across the country were shocking.

Now, I understand that certain aspects of the film were made to be polarizing, but what good documentary isn't.  It is done this way to make you think, make you reflect and make you consider what it is you do everyday for others.

For me, I don't think I do enough.  I used to volunteer as a tutor.  I don't anymore.  I was once a mentor, gave that up too.  I'm busy.  I work.  I train for triathlons, marathons, etc.  But after seeing this film, I wonder, should I be doing more.  The least I could do is share with others my thoughts on the film, drive traffic to the site and provide links to the action steps.  So there, one little thing - Take Action Now

Over the course of the next few days/weeks, I am really going to reflect on how I can do more.  I'll spend some time on my long runs training for the ING Miami Marathon thinking about how I can give back.  Hold me accountable.  Ask me about how I'm doing.  Go see the film and see if it doesn't move you like it did me.  More than anything, whether you agree with the film or not, getting people to talk about the issue of education will help.

Click here to see the trailer - http://www.waitingforsuperman.com/trailer