Friday, October 28, 2011

Monument(al) Run

It has been a few since my last post - work and life interrupted me being able to post. It didn't stop me from running, though. In fact, over the last 13 days, I have run just over 64 miles at an average pace of 8:34 min/mile and an average HR of 134 BPM. Since I am in the taper phase for the ING NYC Marathon, the mileage isn't as high as it has been over the last few months, but I am pleased with where I'm at right now.

While none of the runs were that incredibly spectacular, I did have a few good ones. My latest run was scheduled to be an easy 5 miler. I was in DC on business, so I had the pleasure of being able to wake up and pretty much roll out to the National Mall.
Photo Credit: Running Weatherman
The run couldn't have been better - perfect weather, amazing scenery and good company helped the miles pass by easily. I didn't look at the watch at all (except to start and stop). After plugging the data into Training Peaks (love, BTW), I was shocked to see what I found. We ended up doing 5.7 miles at an 8:00 min/mile pace! I really didn't know and the proof of that is in my HR data - I averaged only 122 bpm. Shocked! I typically haven't enjoyed the taper, but apparently, my body is truly benefiting from it!

I have 8 days until the big race. I know that I have put in the training and I am confident that we'll do well. I have a few more easy runs to log and I am really looking forward to them. In fact, thanks to Scott over at @irunnerblog and iRunnerBlog, I have decided to run the 6th Annual Anna's Angels 10 Miler on Sunday. I'll take it easy and just enjoy the experience - plus, the race helps provide funding to promote research for Down Syndrome.

Do you enjoy the taper? Have you ever entered a race knowing that you were not going to race - to just enjoy running with others?


  1. Sounds like you are ready! What a beautiful place to run...someday.
    I typically enjoy the taper for the most part.

  2. I can't really say about taper since my longest race has been a half marathon. But you sound ready. And your weekly mileage is so high. That's so amazing that you can fit in work and running.

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