Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meeting New People

Moving to a new town, full of new faces and places to explore, is exciting. Moving away from your comfort zone, far from your training partners and favorite runs/rides, is sad.

To make it somewhat tolerable, okay, to make it fun and to find new folks to train with, I recently joined Meetup. If you haven't been on the site, you're in for a treat. There are meet ups for every imaginable interest. Crazy. To make sure I didn't get unsavory things sent my way, I set my "profile" to specifically find running, outdoor fitness, triathlon...and, well, just see this:

I am happy to say that the first Meetup I attended was awesome - thank goodness. Dedicated to Raleigh's "Fitness Buffs," the Live to Train...Train to Live group is full of athletes that are just looking for some no-nonsense motivation and camaraderie. The group is led and managed by Tim Kelly, a good Christian man and dedicated, highly-qualified trainer. Check him out at

I've already gone to two meetups, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Tuesday class was "ADVANCED Fitness Bootcamp" and the Wednesday class was "Running Class" (we did interval hill repeats). Needless to say, I am super sore today. Both meetups beat me into submission. I am excited, though, that I will be adding some true cross training to my NYC Marathon training. Yeah, I'm doing New York - awesome!

Anyone have Meetup stories - good or bad - to share? Anyone out there doing NYC?

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