Monday, March 14, 2011

Business Embraces Cyclists

I love where I live.  The Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts provide some of the best cycling routes I've ever experienced.  They take you through and past farmland, challenge you with some heavy rollers and, best of all, let you ride in an area that, for the most part, welcomes and encourages cycling and cyclists. 

Last week, I read a great piece on the Active Travel section of, "Growing number of bike cafes gear up to serve cyclists."  It talked all about how bicycle cafes are cropping up to serve a niche audience - welcoming us “weird alien space creatures.” Yes, when we go from fueling stop to fueling stop, or meet up pre- or post-ride for a coffee, lunch, and/or beer, we look weird.  We wear spandex, yes.  Our shoes make weird noises when we walk around.  Some of us might even shave - only to be more aero, right?  Either way, we are doing what we love.  And then, we keep the money in community, so we eat/drink where we ride.  Welcome us with open arms!

This article made me extremely happy.  For one, I love the fact that someone wrote it.  Two, I love the fact that this is a real that is cropping up across the country in some pretty interesting places.  I mean, I expect this to happen in Portland, Boulder, San Fran, Boston, etc., but  You go Steel City, you get yours.

As for me and the folks that ride around the Pioneer Valley, we've got The Lady Killigrew.  This place wasn't made for cyclists and they don't have all of the other amenities that some of the Cycling Cafes have, but, they have a great staff, they welcome cyclists (read, they are nice to us and let us use the phone if we have a flat and then pinch flat our spare as we are heading out) and the food and drink is great. 

How about you?  Do you guys have a favorite?  Did you see the article?  Let me know!

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