Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Triathlon Goes Mainstream

Last night, after dinner, I sat down to catch up with a show on the DVR. I normally forward through the commercial breaks, but I needed a water (gotta stay hydrated, right?). So, I muted the set and went to the kitchen. Imagine my surprise when I returned to the couch to see a triathlon. Confused, I hit rewind and unmuted the TV.

I love it! Triathlon is becoming so "commonplace" that a company is using it in a commercial. I know that Amica is a major sponsor of triathlon - Amica 19.7 Triathlon Series - but to have triathlon make it into a national commercial spot...awesome.

Is this a first? Does anyone know of other mainstream brands embracing triathlon to this extent? I'd love to know...

Below is what I saw... Click here if the video doesn't appear.


  1. The multisport juggernaut is coming, especially with the validation by Lance Armstrong. Runners World and now Bicycling magazines are pushing their readers to tri.

  2. And I just read an article that there was a major shakeup at the top end of the USAT leadership. I believe the phrase "boardroom coup" was used. As cynical as that sounds, it's another sign...